Unique Positive Recruitment


Spending thousands on recruitment?

Does your business need a vacancy filling?

Not only will you be aiding a veteran into work, you will save money by doing so. We will offer a bespoke solution for a lot more competitive rate of your usual recruiter.

We have the attention to detail. We care about you and the type of veteran we place. 

'Not just a tick in the box, job done good luck'  

Feel free to message our team or call us anytime to see what the fuss is about. 

Unique Positive Support


Do you need motivating?

We can help and assist with the following:

Positive psychology

Help with communication skills

Interview skills

A new CV

A professionally awarded training course

Anything we can do to help WE WILL

Unique Positive Communications


Our own dedicated veteran mobile workforce. Currently focused on the projects throughout the UK

Fully equipped 

Highly trained 


Multi skilled

On the park until the task is complete anywhere in the country at any time

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