Be part of our new campaign #veteransintelecoms.

What is this about?

When hasn’t telecoms been around? Or better, when will telecoms stop? Answer.. NEVER!

If you create a workforce and train them PROPERLY, with the right principles, military mentality, it not only benefits the community, but also we can train and accommodate vulnerable veterans who are strugggling with trying to get a job, or worse miss that military brotherhood! (Two main causes contributing to veteran suicides).

You hear about all these brilliant charities, homes for heroes, veteranhubs, well Unique Positive Solutions is a company who work out the box! Creating employment solutions, supporting in the background whilst generating revenue supporting more and more vets.

We are currently in talks with a very big, successful company, who have an agenda to support us.

We will have a training team, coaching team, mobile team conducting operations in copper & fibre, internal and external, our base of operations will have a training facility for the clients QUALITY & STANDARDS, a support hub supported by 50calcoffeecompany, were you can come in have a coffee and talk about “back in the day”.

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